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Structure of Spine (Backbone)
Amazing Surgery To Fix Curved Spine (Scoliosis) - Animation
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CEZMED is a company dedicated to designing, producing and trading in biomedical field with particular emphasis on synthetic vertebrae and endoprosthesis systems.

These devices are produced based on a continuous research background at an international level in cooperation with technical and clinical partners working in orthopaedic, neurosurgery, biomedical and biomaterial fields.

CEZMED produces products that appeal to neurosurgery and orthopaedic departments. With the enthusiasm stemming from dynamism and experience the company was founded, all required documents were obtained, and institutionalization was achieved. The company culture is that there is no limit for quality and time in service. In line with this culture, we have adopted the principle of giving the best, in the soonest time with the most appropriate conditions. Through the nationwide distributors, we meticulously respond to needs of all public and private healthcare organizations. Our company has proved that it produces products at European standards by getting ISO 13485 and CE certificates for all materials it supplies to the sector.

CEZMED has increased its market share day by day in the domestic market. Cooperation and team spirit are the main themes of our country. The success is achieved by this understanding. Our journey to total quality philosophy continues and this is reflected in product and service quality. Our most important goal is to contribute to human health. In the ever expanding sector, we work carrying the responsibility of being a young but experienced company.