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Structure of Spine (Backbone)
Amazing Surgery To Fix Curved Spine (Scoliosis) - Animation
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In our intervertebral cages, the surface area in contact with the vertebral endplates is more favorable compared to similar systems in terms of increasing bone growth factor and fusion.

Corpus contact sites of the cages are geared in order to make it easier to hold on to the corpus.


According to different needs, we have sizes that can be placed without causing permanent deformation in the intervertebral disc space.

By this way the surgeon may evaluate the best solution suitable with surgical requirements in place.

The middle screw in the cage is compressed and the cage is distracted from the anterior part. It allows the distraction to be fixed in the direction desired by the surgeon.

All system components are made of titanium for higher biomechanical performance and imaging convenience. (Ti6AL4V ELI)

All system components are manufactured in accordance with EEC Directive 93/42.

Cervical Cage and Sizes

Expandable part, width 12 mm
Expandable part, width 15 mm